Roll With The Changes

Life is good, but it’s not always easy! It can be painful, difficult, and full of obstacles.
Along the way, we must equip ourselves, youth, and families for the journey. Join us in spreading the power of resiliency.

When life flips you over, Roll With The Changes!

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Everyone has a story to tell. Ours was born from personal tragedy. The year 2001 was a year of epic and painful change for so many American families. The World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed with thousands of lives lost. The paths of so many families were forever changed.

A thousand miles away, in the small southern town of Conyers, Georgia, lives would also be forever changed. JoAnne Renfro had just surpassed the one-year mark of surviving the greatest trauma any parent or partner could endure, the unexpected death of her husband and best friend, Kevin. Their three children, ages 11, 8, and 3, were adjusting to living life without their dad who had been their rock and such an active part of their lives.

Just a few miles away, John Poidevant was also experiencing personal upheaval and found himself single and searching for the joy and fulfillment of a healthy marriage and family. He knew the Renfro family through his role as a School Psychologist and as a fellow church member.

John and JoAnne’s paths in life crossed after a year of their respective tragedies. Their story was unique… and complicated. Even so, an unbreakable bond formed after many challenging scenarios tested the limits of their resiliency and courage. In the end, their relationships grew stronger as this blended Renfro-Poidevant family overcame the challenges of modern-day family life.

After challenging and fulfilling careers in education, John and JoAnne retired from their positions as educators to start their own company promoting resiliency-based education. Their company, Resilient Horizons, began to emerge. After hiring their daughter, Erica, to join them in their new venture, many innovative and exciting ideas started to flow. We needed a non-profit organization!

Roll With The Changes was the next step in our mission to provide families and communities with products to promote the power of resiliency. Our goal was set to earn money through donations and sales of our merchandise to make a difference in the lives of youth and families.

Roll With The Changes will assist others by providing for basic needs, teaching resiliency skills, and directly supporting foster care organizations. Outdoor adventure activities will also be offered to promote team building and social skills.

Our hope is that our message will help you in your journey. We want to be a guiding force for anyone trying to right themselves in an upside-down world!

Everyone has a story to tell and along the way, Roll With The Changes!

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